Multiple Teams · Notes from Boys and Girls Basketball Joint Booster Meeting (9/27/16)

Tuesday, September 27, 2016
Joint Basketball Boosters Meeting
2016 Meet the Vikings
DATE: Monday, November 21st

We will NOT have the silent auctions…due to Redbook and ineffectiveness of them.
LIVE AUCTION: Boys will get 10 items and Girls will get 10 items.
Items for live auction need to be $100 or more.

Boys parents contact Todd Pratt with your items; Girls parents contact Thad Callahan with
their items; Todd and Thad will work together to make sure we don’t have duplicates.
Every player will bring in $10 so that we can enhance the auction items.

Tickets for the chili dinner will be raised to $6.00 and will go on sale the beginning of November.  Thad Callahan will make the tickets.  We will hand out fliers at that time.
We will also do more advertising (radio and newspaper) for event.

Coach Thacker is going to look into a coaches competition for the chili cook-off.
Volunteer list will be put together by Kate Thacker 🙂

Ben Murphy will look into designing a special t-shirt for that night to increase fundraising.
If you have other ideas on fund raising for that night please contact Todd or Thad or one of the coaches.

Picture Days
SENIORS: Sunday, October 30th at 5pm
GIRLS: Sunday, November 6th at 4pm
BOYS: Sunday, November 6th at 2pm
Charlie Charles will take individual and team pics for everyone.
Mary Beth Cummins will take the senior pics.

We need sponsors for Senior Banners:
Todd Pratt will sponsor the boys banners (7 boys)
We need a sponsor for the girls banners and cheerleaders banners (1 girl and 5 cheerleaders)   All banners are about 35 to 40 dollars.

2016 Programs
Jeff Fannin will be printing again…same price.
If you have game pictures from last year (digital), please send them my way. or a zip drive.
I have to have the program turned in to printers 10 days prior to Meet the Vikings (November 11th).

REMEMBER: We are selling advertising space…these are not donations.
We decided that everyone who buys a full page ad will receive a free program.
We need ADS TURNED no later than Monday, October 31st.

Next Meeting
We will hand in ads…we will update auction items…update volunteer sheet.
Discuss concessions…start sign-up sheets for volunteers.
DATE: Thursday, October 27th at 6pm at the high school cafeteria.